Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stress = oodles of weight

We are all aware about the fact that how fit our ancestors were and that’s because they were quite chilled out and never took stress about anything! But in today’s fast paced life we are constantly running around the clock, carrying worries over our shoulders all the time. STRESS! Is one of the leading causes for almost all the diseases today.

Ever wondered what can be the reasons for weight gain apart from your irregular diet or poor exercise? Hmm! stress yes, it can be one of the leading causes for obesity. So does that mean anyone who is stressed should be obese? No, it’s not necessary but we need to find the right ways to keep stress at bay.

What is Stress? 

Let connect it with an example suppose you have an exam at 10 am and it is already 9 am in the clock and you are yet to leave the house since you woke up late. Your mind starts wondering what if i reach late and miss the exam, your legs start shaking; you bite your nails, run around the house getting ready as quick as you can. Physiologically, there is a sudden shoot of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones make your heart beat run

faster and the blood supply to your muscles heart and other important organs is at the fastest speed.
Sometimes, stress can be beneficial as it makes your mind work quickly in case of any emergency. But, the stress everyday over the years does definitely ruin one’s health adversely

How does Stress make your body put on weight? Cortisol, one of the hormones in human body is secreted abundantly when your body is under stress and since your body doesn’t understand or realize that you aren’t undergoing any physical activity and so it keeps replenishing the stores and in return it gives rise to your hunger pangs. Eventually, you crave for more sugar and carbohydrates thus landing your body to store more visceral fat, making you put on more weight.

How does a good diet reduce stress?

What you eat has a very important role in terms of breaking down your stress. If you follow a good diet combined with good amount of exercise then you can definitely keep a check on getting your stress levels down.

Here are some super foods that can help you reduce your stress levels:

Broccoli: This cruciferous vegetable contains folic acid that helps reduce stress.

Whole grain cereal: Having whole grain products when under stress releases serotonin. This gives you a feel-good effect and reduces your anxiety levels to a great extent.

Dark chocolate: Good news for those in love with dark chocolates! It indeed is an endorphin producing food that helps boost your mood and reduces stress levels. The dark chocolate must contain 70% pure cocoa.

Green Tea: No wonder everyone advice's to have a cup of green tea everyday. The antioxidant properties and availability of dopamine help elevating mood and creating a positive mood.

Cottage cheese: Having this for breakfast gives you healthy proteins and gives you energy for the day and stabilizes your blood sugar. This prevents mood swings.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a calcium-rich snack that keeps irritability at bay. Calcium helps stabilize emotions when stressed and will help fight the monthly, stressful symptoms of PMS.

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Stress = oodles of weight

We are all aware about the fact that how fit our ancestors were and that’s because they were quite chilled out and never took stress about ...