Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Balancing Your Hormones Like A Pro!

Blame it on the hormones! is a very common
statement we all make when we are stressed,
irritated, disturbed or just moody. Most of us go through this phase, especially women in the teens and late 30’s. Weight gain is one of the most common health issues that arise when there are hormonal imbalances, since it triggers fat storage in almost the wrong places in our body.

Let’s understand how does the hormonal imbalance occur?

It is rightly said that when you balance your hormones you balance your life! But when this imbalance occurs, your body is in a state of despair. Hormones work as messengers between the body and the brain to take control of your mood. Hormones like insulin, growth hormone, cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone play a great role in the body. So let’s further breakdown into itscauses:

Stress: one of the leading causes of hormonal imbalance. When the brain signals your body that you

Are under stress, the progesterone in the body gets, converted into cortisol the stress hormone thus misbalances your estrogen - progesterone ratio.

Toxins: when our liver is over burdened with alcohol, chemicals and other toxins that we eat and drink which it cannot manage thus leading to increase in the level of estrogen disrupting the balance of the hormone.

Fat: Hormonal imbalance is most commonly found in people having a lot of fat deposit in the body. The enzymes in the fat tissues convert testosterone to estrogen thus disturbing the estrogen- testosterone ratio. Within no time estrogen also reacts with insulin making it sensitive later on causing sugar to get stored instead of fat.

Incorrect food choices: Too much sugar, less fibre, too much of fat in the diet can make hormone imbalances to a greater degree.

Exercise and diet: When you eat less and exercise more or eat more and exercise less, again our body goes through fluctuations in the hormonal levels. Fad diets or crash diets are one of them which can cause serious hormonal imbalances. So it is important to be rational enough while selecting a diet plan.

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